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Eliminate Debilitating Headaches and Migraines For Good! 3 Simple Secrets You Need to Know

1. Your migraines are a message! When our body is in pain and discomfort, it is natural for us to just want the pain to go away. Unfortunately, this usually means we reach for pain killers, call in sick for work or opt out of doing the things that are actually good for us and make us happy. The problem with these solutions is that the relief is temporary, and they keep us in the cycle of illness. The truth about pain is that it is a signal from our body that something is out of alignment in our lives. …

Practitioner Perspective: The most commonly blocked chakra!

As a Bio-Energy Healing practitioner, I have the privilege of assisting people increase the natural flow of energy through their bodies and lives. We all have an energy field and in order to be healthy and happy we need this energy to flow freely and express itself through what we do, say, think, feel and create! In a Bio-Energy Healing session, we work with this energy field through our 7 main energy centers called chakras. Each chakra is associated with different parts of the body but also associated with different aspects of life. These energy centers start at the bottom …

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