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“My heartburn went away and now Im without my prescription medication”

I decided to have Bio-Energy because I needed help. My energy levels had dropped to “hopeless” a few months ago. I had a lot of restless nights, my irritability was increasing every day and I was at the point that I didn’t like myself anymore. I had a lot of acidy fluids in my stomach and was experiencing constant heart burn. My prescription pills didn’t help anymore. Then I had my first session, and in the middle of it I started to relax. I could feel my mind stop racing and my muscles relax. I hadn’t had this feeling in a long time. After finishing each session I felt refreshed and energized. My heartburn went away and now Im without my prescription medication! I also learned to give myself positive messages and to trust myself. I felt my energy levels going up to their fullest, I started exercising again and need no longer to rest after work. Im so grateful that my acidy upset stomach has been taken care of! I recommend this type of healing to everybody.

Sabina, Delta BC

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