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“Michael is such an amazing teacher, and I knew I would love the teacher training”

I trained with Michael ten years ago in Scotland and have been a Bio-Energy practitioner since. It was an amazing experience both then and since, allowing people to raise their vibration enabling them to heal themselves, it’s a wonderful existence. On asking Michael to come back and help us learn more, perhaps on a teaching level, he agreed, and I have just completed that course last month. I am so grateful for the experience of that week, with other like minded people, it’s an awesome experience, and I feel the benefits growing stronger all the while. Michael is such an amazing teacher, and I knew I would love the teacher training. I was willing to step out of my comfort zone, so I can move more freely in my life in general. I was not sure what to expect from the week but I was not disappointed, we were stretched in every level and I loved it. By the time I went back home, I was a different person, so excited to share with others what I learned. All the others on the training course with me signed up immediately for next year’s course and I can’t wait. Meanwhile, I’m moulding what I’ve learned and moving forward with the information and experiences into a new way of looking at and living my life.


Helen, Scotland

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