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“I slept better, my positivity returned and I felt I could ‘move a mountain’”

Bio-Energy therapy has been quite a revelation for me. Having gone through major surgery 5 years ago for total stomach removal plus spleen, I have incorporated complementary treatment into my life as much as possible. This last year however I was starting to have a few more problems and found myself for the first time losing the battle to cope with them. I was tired all the time through lack of sleep caused by my discomfort in my abdomen and I was feeling depressed. I decided to try Bio-Energy. After the first session, I didn’t feel anything initially, but when I got home that evening, to say I felt different would be an understatement. I just knew something had happened to me and I said to my husband, ‘I feel good’. This feeling continued and it was the best couple of weeks I had enjoyed for several months. I slept better, my positivity returned and I felt I could ‘move a mountain’. I have no doubts about recommending Bio-Energy to anyone who is trying to cope with serious health issues, depression, or exhaustion.

Jenny, Ireland

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