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“I feel GOOD and ready to take on any challenge life throws my way”

I’ve had a course of treatment of bio-energy and I can honestly say I have seen a definite change in my energy levels, confidence and overall state of mind since I began the sessions. I was very sceptical about the modality to begin with because I couldn’t see how it would affect me physically, much less emotionally and spiritually. I originally went for treatment for my wrist because I had had surgery on it last summer and have been off work since. This time off had been extremely stressful my family and I, but as I progressed through the treatments, I found myself feeling mentally and emotionally uplifted after each session. This also seemed to translate into improvement in my wrist. I became more and more to the treatments and even started falling asleep during them. Before I started the sessions I felt like I was depressed, but honestly after my sessions, I feel so much more positive and energetic. I feel like I can breathe and be productive. I feel GOOD and ready to take on any challenge life throws my way. I cant thank you enough.

Clavia, Surrey

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