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“I could feel where the headache had been, but there was no pain!”

I was prone to suffering from severe headaches which could last up to five days. I have been prescribed stronger and stronger painkillers for this which seem to have little effect. The headaches are caused by stress and tension in the back of my head, neck and upper back. I went to try Bio-Energy with an open mind. I had been getting these headaches for over ten years so anything was worth a try. About an hour after my first session I realized my headache was gone. This was very surprising as this was the first day of it and usually lasts more than three days. I could feel where the headache had been, but there was no pain! Since my course of treatment I have some very minor aches which I hardly notice. This is despite a very hectic lifestyle which normally would result in something more severe.

Brenda, UK

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