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“I continue to sleep better and have no trouble falling asleep as I did before”

I have been going through a lot of personal trials this year. We lost my children’s father, I left an abusive relationship and I had to return to work in the middle of all of this after being off for 2 years due to work-related depression. The first Bio-Energy session received was calming to my tumultuous life. It grounded me again in a way that I actually felt connected to the ‘whole’ again which I hadn’t felt in a long time. I started to sleep better after having insomnia for a few years. I continue to sleep better and have no trouble falling asleep as I did before. After my 2nd and 3rd sessions I became more centered in myself. I started to eat better and wanted to take care of myself (which I had not felt in a long time as well). My depression that threatened to haunt me has not come back and the energy around me is more positive. I still have bad days but it is rare and I am able to feel centered and my emotional state has calmed. I enjoy life which I thought I could never do again.

Wanda, Vancouver

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