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“I can open jars, flex my fingers and shake someone’s hand without pain”

My reason for having Bio-Energy was a nagging low back pain and arthritis in my hips. I was seeking to perhaps diminish the morning stiffness associated with my arthritis but I really had no expectations. It wasn’t until after the second treatment that I noticed the improvements: better sleep, less stiffness, more mobility, and ease in my low back. It was amazing. I haven’t slept through the night, nor slept peacefully in close to 7 or 8 years. I definitely was seeing amelioration.
After the fourth session, I noticed something else, and it was actually my husband who pointed it out. Though I had not even mentioned it at the beginning of the sessions, I also suffer from arthritis in my hands. It was the norm to awaken stiff and weak in my hands. I would have to wait at least an hour before my hands could tackle a chore! After the four sessions, I awake with my hands limber and pain free, every morning. I can open jars, flex my fingers and shake someone’s hand without pain! I think this may be the best outcome of my treatments, even though it was not even on my radar when we started! My hips are so much less painful, I no longer arise from sitting with pain, nor do I walk with a lurch until my hips warm up, not even after a long period of sitting. My sleep pattern has been completely reset. I sleep through the night now on a regular basis. I awaken refreshed and this alone changes everything! Thank you!

Patricia, Calgary

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