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“At the end of this period my insomnia disappeared”

My health was affected by heart medication and their side effects, including insomnia, shortage of breath, lack of strength and abdominal pressures. I also had a cough for 6 months. I was referred to Bio-Energy by a family member. A bio-energy treatment was given at the initial meeting followed by 3 more treatments within a week. Immediate results included a 2 week cleansing of my lungs and sinus through coughing, sneezing and mucus discharge. At the end of this period my insomnia disappeared, so did the shortage of breath and for the first time in 2 years I was able to walk around a school track. Another treatment of bio-energy was had with the objective of clearing my lungs and abdominal pressure. Today the long running cough has all but disappeared. I visited my Cardiologist and he stated “there is no more I can do for you” as both he and other heart technicians were in disbelief as to the status of my health. My objective is to continue treatments and build body strength and stamina.

Gerry, Vancouver

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