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“and always, always, always had an AMAZING sleep”

Prior to beginning my course of treatment, I was having trouble sleeping, consistently waking up at 3am despite trying to physically tire myself out. This has been going on for several months. I had been going through some relationship issues which were causing a lot of heartache, pain and confusion. I had even started to notice that I began to lose a lot of hair. During the sessions I felt emotional but upon leaving I noticed that I always felt relaxed and calm, had less questions (less inner turmoil) and always, always, always had an AMAZING sleep. Thank you.

ennifer, Vancouver

About Bio-Energy Healing

Michael D’Alton’s Bio-Energy Healing is a gentle, yet powerful healing modality. This form of treatment is totally natural with no medications, needles or machines involved. It requires very little touch and is fully safe to use on all conditions. Bio-Energy Healing can be very relaxing and enjoyable to receive; a real treat for your body, mind and spirit.

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(For private treatments with Michael D’Alton)
Electra Health Floor
MZ1 – 970 Burrard St.
Vancouver, BC

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540 – 1755 Robson St.
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