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Bio-Energy Podcast Series with Michael D’Alton


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This Podcast Series was recorded from a weekly radio show on Voice America, and features 7 Chakra Audio Recordings Plus 5 Bonus Tracks.

When you go sailing, you don’t push the boat; you make no effort, you just allow nature to take it’s course. This is also what happens when change comes through awareness!

Can you imagine a single conversation that could bring about a shift in your awareness? A shift so big that it could be a catalyst for your body to heal itself; a shift that could lead you to health, happiness and well-being! How about several conversations on each area of your life, rich in insights and awareness that have the power to shift the direction of your life?

We don’t need to wait for big changes to take place in our lives, sometimes just a simple shift right now can lead us in a new direction. At first it may seem like nothing is happening but then we find that we’ve ended up at a completely different, and better, destination.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.

If you are interested in changing the ‘input’ into your conscious and sub-conscious mind then check out the ‘Bio-Energy Podcast Series with Michael D’Alton’: 7 tracks about each chakra that you can listen to at home or on the go.

Listen as Michael D’Alton speaks in detail about the seven chakras and how they effect each area of your life! Each track includes a distant transmission healing to work directly on each one of your seven main chakras to bring greater health, balance and success into your life!

What’s on the Bio-Energy Podcast Series with Michael D’Alton?

  1. The Happy Root chakra (45mins)
  2. The Sexy Sacral chakra (45mins)
  3. The Warrior Solar Plexus chakra (45mins)
  4. The Healing Heart chakra (45mins)
  5. The Creative Throat chakra (45mins)
  6. The Intuitive Brow chakra (45mins
  7. The Magnificent Crown chakra (45mins)

We will also include a FREE Bonus Section:

  • An introduction to Bio-Energy Healing (45mins)
  • Stop losing energy (45mins)
  • Introducing Electra Health Floor with guest Mark Bentz (45mins)
  • The law of attraction (45mins)
  • A vision for the future (45mins)

Once purchased a confirmation email will be sent with a link to the Bio-Energy Podcast Series with Michael D’Alton files. Simply click on the link to start downloading them direct to your computer. Takes approx 12 minutes to download, once downloaded click on your download icon to play or save in a particular folder.

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Read what people are saying …

I love the podcast. I listen to it most days at work and it helps me identify what’s happening with me. I’m not the best at reading so being able to hear it everyday is really drumming the information about the chakras into my head.

I also find the distant healings are very powerful.

Thank you

—Nat, Scotland

Of course it’s the Irish accent…. hahaha In all seriousness though, your Irish accent and your attitude is just great to listen to you bring it to life, put the fun into healing… You do not over complicate Bio-Energy you explain it so it all just makes perfect sense… You are my commuting to yoga and listening puts me in a great place… Done the sacral Chakra today, it made me smile, just what it’s all about. Thank you Michael for sharing your wonderful gift.

With Love,

—Wendy, Wales

I wanted to tell you that I am extremely grateful for your Bio-Energy podcasts. I have used them almost daily since receiving it. I have listened through each podcast a couple of times and made lots of notes. I always like to know the ‘why” of things, I’m not likely to blindly follow. I use the distance healings very often. Sometimes 2 or 3 chakras if I have time, sometimes only one. I find doing two or three requires me to nap….I think it is actually an energy gathering cycle. What I discovered within two or three days was an increased interest in myself. That sounds healthy, right? What I mean is a sense of caring towards me. My tendency to procrastinate in my self care seemed to vanish. I started eating better, doing my somatic exercises, taking my make up off a night….things I’m sure many people would think would be normal, as say, brushing your teeth. I also experienced an increase in energy.

The final thing I’ve noticed is my ability to breathe into my throat. I have done breathing work but my breath stopped at about my collarbone. I could force it but it was very uncomfortable-an obvious blockage. Now, I can breathe easier into my throat but without discomfort – nor was it “hard work”. Once again, thank you for this great gift. I am sharing it with many people in the hopes to spread the healing energy around.


—Lisa, Vancouver Island

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