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Practitioner Perspective: The most commonly blocked chakra!

As a Bio-Energy Healing practitioner, I have the privilege of assisting people increase the natural flow of energy through their bodies and lives. We all have an energy field and in order to be healthy and happy we need this energy to flow freely and express itself through what we do, say, think, feel and create!

In a Bio-Energy Healing session, we work with this energy field through our 7 main energy centers called chakras. Each chakra is associated with different parts of the body but also associated with different aspects of life. These energy centers start at the bottom of our spine and work their way up our central column to the top of our head. When we have too much stress, go through a trauma or injury, or just feel generally stuck in life, our energy stops moving freely and over time we can develop ailments.

I get to see many different people in my practice and help them identify where their energy is blocked and use the fantastic system of Bio-Energy Healing to get things moving and balanced again. So when I asked myself the question of what is the most commonly blocked chakra I see for people, I had a few thoughts come to mind. Initially I thought of the first 3 chakras, the root, sacral and solar plexus centers. I treat many people for lower back pain, low energy levels (adrenal burnout), digestive issues, and stress and anxiety. These ailments all relate to the health of the first 3 energy centers in the body and are commonly treated with Bio-Energy Healing. One of these chakras seemed like the obvious choice at first, but then I felt I needed to consider the heart chakra. When the heart chakra is blocked we can develop symptoms like shoulder tension, upper back pain, circulatory issues, and a deficient immune system. This center also relates to high or low blood pressure, one very measurable ailment I’ve seen improved through Bio-Energy healing over and over again!

But then my mind jumped to the all important brow chakra. This chakra is related to clarity of mind and our intuition. It can become blocked by negative thought patterns and excess worry, leading to headaches, brain fog and the dreaded insomnia. Almost everyone I treat has better and deeper sleep after a session. The sessions allow the mind to calm and the body to deeply relax.

So of course all of these chakras seemed like good choices, but upon further investigation, I realized that without a doubt, the most commonly blocked chakra I see with clients is the throat chakra! In Bio-Energy training, we call this energy center the Creative Throat Chakra. It has to do with communication, expression and, of course, creativity!

So why is it that this is the most commonly blocked chakra for people? It’s simply because it is the expression center for all the chakras below it. We are creative beings, and it is so important that we are able to express our own personal truth through our life’s work and relationships. When our throat chakra is blocked, it means that we are in some way out of alignment with our personal expression and our natural creativity is being suppressed. A blocked throat chakra can show up for someone if they are feeling unsatisfied in their job or career, or if they have trouble speaking up for themselves due to a lack of self-esteem or self-acceptance. We can end up with a real lack of satisfaction from our experiences. Some of the physical conditions that manifest can be frequent sore throats, a stiff neck, thyroid imbalances, teeth grinding, and sometimes just a feeling that we have a lump stuck in our throat. When I started my Bio-Energy practice, I was treating people for a lot of physical ailments and pain based symptoms, but the reason I have stuck to working on an energetic level is the satisfaction I see from people not only feeling better physically but also propelling forward through obstacles that have kept them from living the life that they want. Working on the throat chakra plays a huge part in this. Clearing blocked energy from this area allows a better flow throughout the whole system and leaves us feeling lighter, brighter and well, just more like ourselves! Stimulate your throat chakra by indulging in your creative side. This doesn’t mean you have to be an artist. Singing, writing, speaking or simply getting something off your chest can get things going and help shift you in the right direction!

— by Kaia Duggan, Bio-Energy Healing Practitioner & Assistant Trainer

December 7, 2017

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