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Level 3 Bio-Advanced Training

Upcoming ‘In Person’ Level 3 Advanced Bio-Energy Training in Mexico:

Date: 6th May -13th May, 2023

Level 3 Advanced Training ‘Reunification’

Come together for a week of adventure, from yoga and meditation mornings to Bio-Energy advanced classes on Bio-Energy techniques, coaching clients, and spiritual awakening. Afternoons on the beach. Sunset dinners and evening events to reunify the body, mind and spirit. This course will blend together the best of bio-energy training with vacation and even the opportunity for a sweat lodge.

A Bio-Energy Healing Reunion

This is an invitation to come together at the beautiful ‘Mar de Jade’ Retreat center situated on Chacala beach. Help me celebrate 30 years of practicing and teaching Bio-Energy Healing. My favorite part of Bio-Energy has been to take groups of amazing students to beautiful retreats. Getting out of our normal environment, coming together in healing, training and ceremony creates space for magic and transformation to happen. Not to mention all the delicious food, friendly staff and breathtaking views. This will be a transformational experience that will stay with you forever!

A Community Bio-Healing Clinic

During our previous trips to ‘Mar de Jade’ one of the highlights was offering community healing to the locals and staff. Their capacity to receive Bio-Energy was an experience in itself. Teaching us the power of receptivity and how effortless it is to heal when people are really open and appreciative.

Requirements: Level 1 must be completed and Level 2 must have started training before attending a Level 3 advanced training.

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