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Level 3 Bio-Advanced Training

An 11 day mixed event entitled ‘Awaken Heart Retreat’ is happening from April 6th-18th, 2019 at Mar de Jade, Chacala, Mexico.

If you are a Bio-Energy Practitioner, Teacher or L2 student you are eligible to attend!

After an amazing Level 4 Teacher training in May 2018, which included a Bio-Clinic for the local community at Mar de Jade, we have decided to go back and run a full four day clinic for the community as an act of compassion and service! Our plan is to combine the clinic with a L1-3 Masterclass and a New Level 3 training entitled ‘Awaken Heart’.


An Advanced Level 3 Bio-Energy Training ‘Awaken Heart’

-This is a very special workshop designed to assist the body in opening and fully receiving LOVE. Imagine being so inlove with everycell of your body, every memory, every experience; this is what happens when you remember who you are. It’s not intellectual it’s the ‘LoveBreath’ experience.

-We will be combining powerful healing practices including Bio-Energy Healing, LoveBreath sessions, drumming, mantras, dance and ceremony to heal and integrate the shadow self, masculine and feminine and our ancesteral dna. As we heal ourselves and return to love we contribute to the healing of the collective.

A Community Bio-Healing Clinic

-Following on from the success of the Bio-Clinic at the L4 in 2018 there was an overwhelming request to come back and be of further service. What made this such a special experience was that the staff and locals were in such great need of healing and were so open and wanting to receive, that they let the healing in and transformed in front of our eyes. Miracles happen easily when people are in a receptive state, which made it the most heartfelt act of service any of us had felt.

A Level 1-3 Masterclass

-The Masterclass is an excellent opportuntity for new and previous students to go through the full range of Level 1, 2 & 3 techniques and to learn, refresh and tweak techniques to be more effective and experienced with the Bio-technology behind the techniques.

The training is also a work of creation and may change based on the highest intuitive unfoldment with time.

11 Days includes:

Heart led training, clinic, integration and time off for vacation

Spectacular venue by the beach

Delicious healthy food

Bio-Energy on the beach, meditation and yoga

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