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Level 2 Bio-Practitioner Training

Our Level 2 Practitioner Diploma Training in Costa Rica is currently on hold. 

However, we are pleased to announce that we have a Level 2 interactive online zoom training course available. 

Date: 4th Jan 2023 to 21th June 2023

There are 4 parts to our Bio-Energy Practitioner Training:

1. The theory of Bio-Energy, which covers topics from the science of Energy Healing to the cause behind illness.

2. A full set of powerful Bio-Energy Healing Techniques to treat a wide range of ailments.

3. A personal development component that takes you on a healing journey through the chakras to explore and release your own blockages and ‘baggage.’

4. A spiritual component designed to open your consciousness, expand your heart and awaken your spiritual energy.

NOTE: Our Level 1 training is a prerequisite for this Level 2 Bio-Practitioner training. Please complete a Level 1 training in person or online before starting Level 2.

Bonus: Register for Level 2 within 30 days of completing Level 1 (in person or online) and we will discount your Level 1 tuition from the Level 2 tuition!

Please click on the ‘Attend in person’ button for more information and or registration for the Level 2 Interactive  online zoom training.

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