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Healing Structures

Michael D’Alton developed and incorporated six unique structures into the Practitioner Diploma training. These structures have allowed students to create the same successful results over and over again. The following is a basic example of two of these structures.

Structure 1: ‘The healing curve’ is an overview of a Bio-Energy Healing treatment. This structure takes the treatment through three phases:

  • Phase 1: Identifying the location of stagnant energy in the Bio-Energy field.
  • Phase 2: Clearing the stagnant energy using a variety of selected techniques, depending upon the nature of the illness.
  • Phase 3: Balancing and energizing the body, mind and spirit.

Structure 2: ‘The four steps to health’ is an overview of a Bio-Energy Healing treatment series.

  • Step 1: Moving the client out of their comfort zone and creating change in the client’s life. No one goes from illness to health without a change occurring first. This change may either be in the form of improvement or a temporary worsening in the health of the individual. In Bio-Energy Healing either is good!
  • Step 2: Once the change in pattern is achieved, the practitioner focuses on clearing out the stagnant energy through specific techniques. The practitioner will continue with Step 2 until an improvement in the client’s condition is achieved.
  • Step 3: The practitioner incorporates stronger, more potent techniques and continues to propel the client’s improvement into full recovery. The length of time it takes to achieve these three steps will vary depending upon the acuity of the illness and the length of time the client has had the illness. Many individuals report full recovery in as little as a few days, although the majority of people may take between one and three months to restore good health. This is still pretty amazing!
  • Step 4: After the client has recovered from an illness or when the client is healthy, the practitioner switches techniques to focus on moving the client to a new level of health. In fact, it must be mentioned that many people who consider themselves healthy are only operating within a small proportion of their potential. Once an individual experiences the healing power of Bio-Energy Healing they begin to relax and move into a zone where the left and right hemispheres of the brain work more effectively together. This results in increased energy and vitality, improved sleep, sharper senses (even food taste better!), improved focus, concentration and an increased feeling of peacefulness and pleasure.

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