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Code Of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Certified Practitioners of Michael D’Alton’s School of Bio-Energy Healing shall:

  • Ensure that clients are given the highest possible standard of care. Practitioners are expected to be accepting, caring and understanding of all clients while keeping personal beliefs and values independent from the overriding interest of the client being consulted.
  • Respect the confidentiality of information received over the course of treatment. Upon deciding to disclose confidential information, the Practitioner must be prepared to explain and justify their decision. Make certain that client records are kept in a secure place and maintain clear, accurate and comprehensive records of treatments given to clients.
  • Retain the right to limit or refuse providing treatment or service to any individual should there be just and reasonable cause. Also, respect the client’s autonomy and right to refuse or terminate treatment.
  • Represent truthfully the benefits and limitations of Bio-Energy Healing. Advise clients to see the relevant qualified professional when the Practitioner is made aware of a condition requiring further examination or is beyond the Practitioner’s scope of practice.
  • Refrain from giving a medical diagnosis to clients. This is the responsibility of a medical professional. However, some Practitioners have the ability to discover dysfunction on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. In this situation, the Practitioner may mention a believed disorder which he/she may discover and advise the client to see a medical professional for a diagnosis, making a record of this advice.
  • Ensure that all discussion with clients is understood by both parties. The Practitioner should use non-technical language when speaking about the treatment plan and encourage the client to ask questions as necessary. Explain fully to clients what you intend to do before taking up any physical contact on your client’s body, as some clients experience any contact as invasive. Make certain that clients have clear information regarding practice arrangements and how to make contact with the Practitioner.
  • Practice Bio-Energy Healing only when clients come for Bio-Energy Healing treatments. Provide treatment in an environment that is safe, clean, comfortable and suitable for the session to take place in, while maintaining appropriate boundaries with the client.
    Relate to colleagues with respect, courtesy and integrity.

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