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About Michael

Michael had his first experience with Bio-Energy Healing in 1992, when he fully recovered from asthma and eczema after receiving 4 healing sessions.

He felt compelled to leave his career in Engineering to study this powerful form of energy healing with ‘Plexus Bio-Energy’, where he gained a Bio-Energy Healing Diploma in 1993.

Michael’s mastery of Bio-Energy Healing was brought forward by his natural gifts for experiencing energy and his ability to bring about consistent, effective healing results with his clients.

In 1995 Michael’s passion led him to develop the Bio-Energy Healing Diploma Course. Combining the structure learned through his Engineering career with his own extensive study and practice of Bio-Energy Healing, he created what has proven to be a life transforming experience for his students.

Michael has successfully trained thousands of people to practice Bio-Energy Healing and his accomplishments have been featured on the Oprah Network (Remedy Me!), W. Network, Joy TV, the Kid Carson show, BBC Television, The London Daily Mail, The Irish Times, The Sunday Post, The Scotsman and numerous other media.

In 2005, Michael moved to Vancouver, Canada and established Michael D’Alton’s School of Bio-Energy Healing where he continues to practice, train and inspire others with the wonderful experience of Bio-Energy Healing.

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“After the session I was no longer constipated and after several sessions I have been able to exercise regularly and I have lost 15 pounds”

"I started this treatment with a lot of negativity and although I needed to lose weight, I had no ambition to do it. After the session I was no longer constipated and after several sessions I have been able..."

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“My heartburn went away and now Im without my prescription medication”

"I decided to have Bio-Energy because I needed help. My energy levels had dropped to “hopeless” a few months ago. I had a lot of restless nights, my irritability was increasing every day and I was at the point..."

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“This workshop will give you more than theory”

"I have been looking for proof that energy work does exist. I doubted Michael all the first day, but by the second day I felt that energy! This workshop will give you more than theory, it will give you..."

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“Thanks for rekindling my passion for Bio-Energy”

"A challenging weekend! Thanks for rekindling my passion for Bio-Energy. A door has been opened for me to progress my knowledge and skills and continue on my path of self development. Brilliant delivery and I felt fully engaged the..."

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“They took the edge off the pain in my right hip and I was able to resume workouts not favouring my right hip”

"The five Bio-Energy sessions were of great benefit to me. Before my treatments, with arthritis in my right hip I had problems doing basic things. I had problems just tying up my right shoe. I thought if I could..."

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